G7 Arquitectos focuses on architecture and repair of industrial plants in Mexico. The organization offers solutions for construction and provides maintenance in the industrial, public and mining field.


Industrial Architecture

G7 Arquitectos designs, expands, builds and offers maintenance of industrial plants, finishing and metallic structures. The specific areas in which G7 Arquitectos intervenes to complete projects of industrial architecture can be narrowed down to
  • Industrial leisure areas (lunch room, restrooms, outdoors)
  • Specialized moldings
  • Floors and concrete walls
  • Warehouses
  • Metallic Structures
  • Maintenance of buildings and industrial plants
  • Remodeling of industrial plants
  • Industrial parks and plants
  • Access Routes
  • Commercial Constructions
  • Offices
  • Landscaping

Clean rooms

G7 Arquitectos also designs and builds clean rooms of any dimension where processes that require a rigorous environmental control and concentration of particles can be carried out. G7A clean rooms comply with the international standards of quality that our client requires. Needless to say the organization’s personnel is in constant training.
  • Medical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Other Controls: Optic, food industry, materials, etc

Fast track construction

Development of systems that improve the execution of urban and industrial projects, shipment of equipment, relocation of plants as well as logistics of maneuvers. As a part of the activities of the fast track design system, we have
  • Development of urban and industrial projects
  • Industrial warehouse building

G7A personnel keep in constant update and growth which will enable them to generate solutions to necessities that surround the design and construction within industrial architecture.

Industrial Electric Projects

G7 Arquitectos solves all needs regarding industrial and commercial electric projects with a specialty in electric distribution projects and control audits to better the performance of the electric energy to use.
  • High, Medium and Low tension substation
  • Energy saving
  • Supply and installation of electric equipment
  • Electric network maintenance
  • Electric Engineering projects

Electro mechanics

Design and installation of engineering projects such as electro mechanics, pneumatic systems, hydro sanitary and machinery for the improvement of production lines
  • Pneumatic installations
  • Hydro sanitary systems
  • Air conditioning (Have)
  • Fire systems
  • Update and improvement for production machinery
  • Redesign of production lines


G7A specializes in the transportation and movement of equipment and industrial plants, like:

Production lines

Design and installation of production lines for the manufacturing industry is another if the services in which G7 Arquitectos specializes. Among G7A’s capacities we have:

New technologies

G7 Arquitectos provides services of industrial laboratories in the fields of energy quality, vibration analysis, thermal imaging and every kind of industrial automation.


  • Industrial transportation
  • International movement
  • Shipment of equipment
  • Displacement of specialized equipment
  • Displacement of heavy equipment
  • Packaging of equipment
  • Relocation of industrial plants
  • Projects and logistics of industrial maneuvers


  • Installation services
  • Adaptacion de lineas de produccion
  • Modification of industrial processes
  • Relocation and logistics of shipments
  • Engineering Design


  • Quality of energy
  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermal imaging
  • Energy Savings

Renewable energies

  • Solar panels
  • Solar domes
  • Production and operative

“We solve any situation that shows up in the industry. Every need gets treated as a project and we submitted as such” – G7 Arquitectos.

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