Fast Track construction in Tijuana is the third pillar within G7 Arquitectos. In this system, design and construction are executed simultaneously.


Fast Track Construction in Tijuana

A considerable amount of time and money can be cut down from your manufacturing industry building thanks to Fast Track: the combination of phases between design and construction.
Time and cost are the most important factors for G7 Arquitectos, as to our customers. Allow us to work hand-in-hand in your project.
A typical construction process requires the completion of a series of functions in consecutive manner and with a predetermined order. Each task must be finished prior to initiating the next; precise time is of the essence.

Advantages of Fast Track Construction in Tijuana

Thanks to this technique, G7 Arquitectos strengthens the development of industrial and urban projects.
  • A single contract with a single source of responsibility
  • Design and construction are modified without delaying submissions or increasing costs
  • Increased flow and management of information from the beginning of the project
  • Time reduction in the design and construction process

Our company provides with the technology and human resources necessary to meet the challenges of the manufacturing industry.


Fast Track activities can be divided into two:

Development of urban and industrial projects

Development of urban and industrial intervention projects that solve the needs regarding distribution of determined spaces.

Industrial transportation

A wide variety of vehicle models that are specialized in the industrial transport.

Logistics and relocation of gear and machinery within the national territory as well as international

Logistics and relocation of specialized machinery of any dimension within the national territory as well as international.

Machinery packaging

Packaging and distribution of equipment that includes protection, organization and shipment.

Relocation of industrial plants

Specialists in relocation, installation and set up of industrial plants and production lines.

If you are interested in any of our services, get in contact to talk about your project.