G7 Arquitectos is an industrial plant construction company in Mexico that specializes in project development for the manufacturing industry. G7 Arquitectos’s main asset is integrating solutions under one roof.

Founded by Magdaleno Arellano and Alejandro Ochoa, G7 Arquitectos has worked in more than 100 architectural projects in the northern border of Mexico throughout G7 Arquitectos’s 15 years of experience as an industrial plant construction company in Mexico.

G7A’s philosophy is to take each challenge as a project with the help of technology and experience.

With a predominant influence in construction within Baja California and the northwest of Mexico, G7 Arquitectos has always been focused in solving all kinds of investments made in the manufacturing and exportation industry; everything from extensions to installation of industrial plants and their maintenance.

G7A’s work model is the shelter system where our client obtains a solution for each and every single need
G7 Arquitectos’s personnel are highly qualified in every branch of the manufacturing industry; our clients will receive a service of excellence in the requested operations.
Recently, the organization has formed alliances with Atlas Copco and Mitsubishi in pursue of energy saving and air conditioning.
La empresa constructora de naves industriales trabaja con nuevas tecnologías y con sistemas, productos y servicios que ofrecen a sus clientes del ramo industrial, comercial, habitacional y minero, una solución que les garantice seguridad y calidad.

Any challenge. One solution. G7 Arquitectos offers services of design and construction that will comply to any kind of international certification with the highest quality, professional ethics and responsibility.

The needs of the manufacturing industry are extensive, but G7 Arquitectos has the manpower to handle all of them.

G7 Arquitectos is born thanks to the demand of our clients in the manufacturing industry: the manufacturing industry companies are forced to hire several companies for their projects.
On the other hand, the solution offered by G7 Arquitectos is to address all of our client’s needs without the necessity of outsourcing an array of suppliers. The Shelter-G7 Arquitectos method simplifies and cuts down costs in the sector’s projects.

Advice, Planning, Development

G7 Arquitectos’s commitment is to cover the necessity of improvement of our clients with services that will provide a substantial saving of money during your project’s development.
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